track lubricators

High performance and low consumption trackside grease applicators. Electricalby solar panel or mains electric, and mechanical. For gauge face lubrication and top of rail friction modifiers. Whitmore applicators have a built-in encoder to inject an accurate volume of lubricant that provides optimum levels of control. International network of technicians to support the tests and capture data on wear and lubricant propagation distances. Use less applicators to cover a track due to the long propagation distances of our specialized low-consumption lubricants. Less maintenance time and less expenses.

We are Whitmore distributor and point of contact in Spain and Portugal for the railway sector. We have the entire range of Whitmore applicators and lubricants in Spain and Portugal for the railway sector. We also distribute to Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

mechanical LUBRICATORS

LubriCurve EasiPoint

EasiPoint™ includes a low volume positive displacement pump plunger that has been precision designed to provide 40% of the output of a standard Whitmore Rail pump plunger.

The EasiPoint system incorporates both EasiPump and EasiBlade technology, which allows for quick and simple installation and maintenance.

Both pump and blade can be pivoted away from the rail face for grinding with no loose parts and then refitted easily and quickly.


LubriCurve PD50

37kg capacity Mechanical Gauge Face lubricator. 2 pumps for 2 or 4 grease injection points.

LubriCurve® PD50 is a simple, efficient applicator that provides high performance with low maintenance. Easy to install and suitable for all types of rail profile. Whitmore Rail applicators are in use worldwide. A patented positive displacement pump dispenses a consistent grease volume ideal for high or low speed traffic with minimal plunger movement. This ensures reduced wear on plungers and results in less maintenance. Grease output isn’t speed dependent and can be set for low output, a factor often essential for light rail and tramway lubrication.


Distribution blades can be supplied in various lengths and the modular design enables easy installation and replacement with minimal blocking. There is simple blade height adjustment for precise delivery of grease to wheel flange and optional blade troughs to collect excess grease for easy cleaning. Blades can be fitted for high rail lubrication, check rail lubrication or both rails for reverse curve lubrication from one unit. Reservoirs are robust, durable, lightweight aluminum and designed for quick fill. Sizes available include 9kg, 35kg and 70kg. New products include low clearance reservoirs and clamps for use with slab track.


Memolub™ is a low cost, electronically driven Canister-based lubrication system – suitable for use on running rails, check rails and point ends. The cartridges are re-usable and the system uses no gas or chemicals. MemoLub is a easily programmed electro-mechanical system delivers precise amount of lubricant regardless of ambient, discharging grease from the first strike through to the last.



300 kg capacity Electric Gauge Face and Friction Modifier Applicator. Widely used in USA, China and Australia for freight lines with demanding rail-wheel friction control conditions.

AccuTrack® Electric Trackside Applicators deliver technological advancements that mechanical and hydraulic lubricators do not. They provide consistent output in all temperatures and are available in multiple tank sizes with a flooded suction inlet. The design allows for easy maintenance, and one AccuTrack unit usually replaces several older, nonelectrical lubricators. AccuTrack’s can be powered by battery, solar, wind, and A/C source or a combination of sources,providing a flexible choice for any environment. The single or dual track units are equipped with a waterproof cabinet that has a convenient filling hatch, allowing for quick and easy fills with lubricants or friction modifiers.

LubriCurve Electro 5

35 kg capacity Electric Gauge Face and Friction Modifier Applicator used mainly in metro and tramway infrastructures.

Electro™ 15 applicators build on our established range of gauge face and top of rail applicators. This applicator offers many of the same well known features of the Electro 10 and 20 but in a more compact configuration with many operational options built in. Choose from pump type, power source, single or twin track hose layout. Electro 15 can be custom configured for every application.

LubriCurve electro 5

Electro 10 y 20

100 kg and 200 kg capacity Electric Gauge Face and Friction Modifier Applicatorused for conventional lines worldwide.

Electro rail applicators provide technological advancements mechanical and hydraulic applicators can’t offer including twin rail blades for multi-curve rail lubrication. Ideal for reverse curves, one unit can replace multiple existing applicators. The robust galvanized cabinet houses the main components of the applicator. With systems pumping from 8 to 15 metres the cabinet can be located in a place of safety for easy maintenance and filling. A twin chamber pump with direct gravity feed from the reservoir means there is no residual grease left in the reservoir. The grease is pumped to blades via twin output hoses, which allows blade staggering on left and right rails for optimum grease pickup. Precise grease output is provided by a patented stepped control box setting and is independent of grease viscosity. Output is consistent year-round.


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