Rail Lubricants

Whitmore Rail maintains an excellent reputation for developing high-performance petroleum and biodegradable rail curve and switch plate lubricants. With some of the most technologically advanced rail lubrication equipment in the business, Whitmore Rail offers state-of-the-art electric trackside applicators that provide consistent output in all temperatures, cost-effective mechanical applicators and more. The company’s revolutionary top of rail friction modifier provides optimum friction at the wheel-rail interface. When combined, these products bring comprehensive friction management to the next level.

We are Whitmore distributor and point of contact in Spain and Portugal for the railway sector. We have the entire range of Whitmore applicators and lubricants in Spain and Portugal for the railway sector. We also distribute to Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

Gauge Facelubricants


Biodegradable lubricant BioRail

BioRail® EP and LF biodegradable rail curve lubricants, prove that you don’t have to compromise performance in order to be environmentally responsible. BioRail has proven itself, not only in the laboratory, but where it counts – on the rail. Its stable chemistry ensures that it pumps in the coldest climates and stands up at the wiping bar in all weather conditions. This lubricant provides outstanding gauge-face lubrication on rail curves.

BioRail LF passes the Modified MITI (OECD 301C) test for ready biodegradability. 

RailArmor EP

RailArmor® EP, a high performance rail curve lubricant provides superior protection that extends rail and wheel life and reduces consumption costs.

This lubricant raises the bar in critical performance areas, such as rail adhesion, rain resistance, wear protection and carry down from the wiping bar; consumption can be reduced as much as 50%.


Railmaster LFG

Railmaster® LFG gives maximum protection to rails and wheel flanges.

It is a high performance rail curve grease that contains high grade graphite instead of molybdenum disulfide for economy without loss of performance.



Trackmate® is a economical rail curve grease compatible with automated railroad lubrication systems.

It is resistant to water wash off and provides good adhesion.

Top of Rail Friction Modifiers

Biodegradable Friction Modifier TOR Armor

TOR Armor® is a revolutionary top of rail friction modifier specifically designed to provide optimum friction at the wheel-rail interface, substantially reducing noise, wear and lateral forces.

High lateral forces lead to loosened tie plates and fasteners and can result in low rail rollover; TOR Armor greatly reduces lateral creep, and when wheel creep occurs, it immediately increases positive friction, reducing the creep condition and returning the wheels to a healthy rolling motion.

The result is a substantial reduction in vibrations, corrugations and high-frequency squealing. While TOR Armor is engineered for use on heavy haul freight and transit rail applications, it also acts as a lubricant during normal rolling.

As an example, after 24 hour application in the track of a yard in China, it reduced the noise 21 dBA after 5000 axle passing by the applicator.

Whitmore fsl

Whitmore FSL – Wheel flange lubricant

Train mounted.

During normal rolling, FSL – Flange Stick Lubricant transfers from the wheel flange to the gauge face/corner and lubricates both surfaces. It reduces the coefficient of friction to as low as 0.10. The result is a substantial reduction in wear on the gauge face, gauge corner, and the wheel flange. Usage FSL – Flange Stick Lubricant can be utilized alone or on a dual bracket with the TSFM – Tread Stick Friction Modifier. The products are typically applied with spring-loaded applicators that prevent cross-contamination.

Standard consumption is approximately 1 inch (25mm) per 1500 miles (2400km).

Whitmore TSFM – Friction modifier of the tread

Train mounted.

During normal rolling, TSFM – Tread Stick Friction Modifier acts as a lubricant. However, when wheel creep occurs, the sliding friction immediately converts to “positive friction,” reaching a friction level of approximately 0.18 – 0.42 between the wheel tread and top of rail. This consequently controls the creep condition and returns the wheels to a healthy rolling motion.

The result is a substantial reduction in creep forces, which reduces corrugations and high-frequency squealing. Standard consumption is approximately 1 inch (25mm) per 2500 miles (4000km).

Grease for changeways BioSwitch

BioSwitch™ is a biodegradable and clean switch plate oil that protects switch plates from wear. BioSwitch™ has the advantage of being non-staining to hands and clothing. Pourable and sprayable.

Grease for changeways EZ Switch

Offering a tough, durable, long-lasting shield of protection, EZ Switch® coats the switch plate and reduces wear. As the switch operates, the coating becomes denser in the contact area, enhancing wear protection.

EZ Switch can be applied to wet switches and resists rain; this lubricant becomes more resistant to rain as it dries.


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