The company


Llalco Fluid Technology, S.L. was founded on 16 January 1997.

Llalco has put all its efforts into developing technologies to protect the environment and in particular to protect the most important part of our Earth: THE SEA. We therefore offer the world's only ballast water treatment technology that does not use chemical products and biocides.

Llalco came onto the international scene in 2004, when it began distributing all its technologies in Spanish-speaking countries throughout the continent of America, as well as in other countries where it already operated, such as Portugal, Algeria and Morocco.

It is essential for us to integrate our suppliers into the development process right from the beginning of the project, and we expect a lot of them. Because we also expect a lot of ourselves. And we believe in cooperation.

By the way, we all in our company think Llalco is different: to be different is good, and that is what make us be lucky.

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